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If you are looking for unique and unusual cakes for your wedding, baby shower, birthday or any other celebration, come and experience the difference.

We invite you to enjoy thousands of pictures in our cake gallery, recipas and very easy to follow cake decoratinginstructions.

You would like your cake to be a hot topic of discussion among family and friends? How about creating unique wedding cake designs for a loved one or pulling out a new design for a birthday party or get together at the last minute?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you get all the guides, pictures and help in one place so it would save you the expenses, time and effort to come up with something of your own? You could even pick up some new ideas by looking at thousands of unique wedding cake pictures along the way. They could lead you to some miracle kitchen moments.

You can put an end to your worries if you come along with me on an exciting journey to the beautiful and amazing world of cakes. From beautiful cake pictures for different occasions to tips on getting the right taste and flavor, you could choose your own specialties and have some memorable moments along the way.

All you need to do is follow the simple instructions and pictures posted on this site and you would be ready to bake some wonderful cakes. That’s it, the simple recipe towards your kitchen success! You can make people wonder about your ideas of unique wedding cake designs or even see the amazement on the face of your kids when you bake them their favorite cartoon character cake! Just a quick glance at the cakes here can turn you from mom to supermom in the eyes of your own children. Isn’t that every mother’s dream?

You might still wonder, “Am I that good when it comes to making it in real life?” Trust me; we have all felt that way before starting out on or first big cake. From confusions over unique wedding cake designs to check up of the materials on a constant basis, it all seemed like such a big scare! However, when you hold the final cake in your hands, the pride you feel at that moment is well worth the efforts.

Unique Wedding Cakes:

Ah, weddings! The beautiful union of two loving hearts as everyone admires the unique wedding cake designs created especially for the occasion. Bridal cakes are a treat to make and decorate because they can help you unleash your creativity to the world! You do not have to make the cake yourself but having a conversation with the baker about unusual wedding cakes is a good idea before the big occasion.

You should let the bakery know about the number of people in advance so that there are no confusions regarding the size of the cake. You might already have some idea about what you want to make by seeing the different wedding cake images on catalogs. However, you can use your own ideas and thoughts to add a sweet personal touch to the simple bridal shower cake. After all, weddings are all about the start of a happy and new journey for life!

If you believe in keeping things simple, why not stick to the classics and choose flowers and toppers for decorating the cake? You can also point out specific patterns and engravings that could be put on the top layer. It is best to keep a written note of all the requirements and specifications and keep checking in with the bakery regarding the progress. The cake should arrive at least an hour before the reception so everyone can check out the unique wedding cakes and marvel at its beauty! You can be sure that all eyes would be on the cake throughout the event.

Unique Birthday Cakes:

Weddings might happen for a few times in the year but there is just no end to birthdays! The best way to create unique birthday cakes is to look at the overall theme of the party. Just like unique wedding cake designs, birthdays also give you an opportunity to let your hair down and show your creative side in front of your friends and family! I personally envied all my friends who were great at making cakes. Finally they let me know that their success lay in creating the right theme for the occasion. Don’t believe me? Here are some ideas for you to try out on your own:

1st Birthday Cake Ideas

When it comes to creating the 1st birthday cake, it is all about something funny and exciting, making sure that your kid would cherish only the best memories for the future (from the pictures of course ;-) .

Remember that this is your child’s first chance to eat a sweetened delight so it should taste really good and look even better! On the other hands, you should also make it look like his/her favorite toy or object. At the same time the kids who come to the party should have fun with.

The secret is to keep it simple and go for something like a carrot cake for. Don’t fret over the recipe of the 1st birthday cake too much because it is all about having a good time. Your kid would love to eat anything sweet and on this day, he deserves to get that extra sweet helping!

Other Kids Birthday Cakes:

Slowly, your kids would start growing up and their cake demands would increase. My little nephew cannot get enough of superhero and insists that all kids birthday cake should have special superhero characters on them. I guess that is how kids are nowadays, so you should keep the cartoon and superhero ideas in mind as your first preference.

My personal experience tells me that kids wouldn’t care too much about the design if the cake smells and tastes great. Whether you try out a chocolate or vanilla cake, remember to add lots of frosting. No matter how creative kids birthday cake you make, the fondest memories of the event for the kids would be all the sweet frostings placed right in front of their eyes!

Adult Birthday Cake Ideas:

This one’s bit of a toughie, but don’t worry, we will get through this together! In order to create an attractive adult birthday cake, you have to choose some subtle theme. If it is for a slightly aged person, a nice little picture, just like the unique wedding cake pictures showing the number in a creative fashion is a good idea. For starters, you can even create a retro look to make sure that all the old nostalgia comes back!

I’ve seen everything from baseball themed cakes to special movie character cakes created for adults. It might sound odd to hear but an adult birthday cake also requires some innovation regarding the decoration itself! It is upto you to decide unique birthday cakes depending upon the person. However, you should keep that sugar content just a bit down for health reasons.

Baby Cakes:

Isn’t it nice to try out lots of scenarios, everything from unique wedding cake designs to special types of baby cakes for your kids? These cakes require the love and warmth of your heart the most, but you still have to make sure that you get the recipe just right for the delicious treats.

Baby Shower Cakes:

When you are expecting a little bundle of joy to brighten up your life, baby shower cakes can be a guilty pleasure to your taste buds! You can surprise the mom-to-be with a complete package, everything from chocolate teddy bears to little baby dolls sitting in a crib within the cake. Unlike a groom’s cake, which has a set pattern, the shower cake can give you a chance to go the whole nine yards.

The designs should reflect some aspect of the baby and it is best to keep the color white or soft pink for a subtle touch. Toppers once again come in handy when designing baby shower cakes and you can reshuffle the design to create an eye catching effect. I saw the most beautiful pattern in one of my friend’s baby shower parties and took a picture. It’s still there on the gallery if you want to have a look.

Diaper Cakes:

You might have heard a lot about diaper cakes being served at a baby shower but not seen lots of samples unlike the unique wedding cake pictures, that are available everywhere. This site has plenty of instructions on how to make layered cake using something as simple as disposable diapers!

You can remove the diapers during layering and replace them with small gifts and dolls for a more unique touch. Serving diaper cakes would give you the chance to be a part of the shower experience and get a chance to make baby cakes for people close to you.

Unique Chocolate Cakes:

If you are like me, the thought of mouthwatering unique chocolate cakes gets you excited more than most other things in the world! The delicious and soft texture of the chocolate, combined with the richness of the flavor can help you make some unique wedding cake designs. Whether it is an engagement cake or a simple birthday one, chocolate still remains the favorite choice.

The key to creating a great chocolate cakes is to understand the type of cake that is loved by all. If you are planning to bake a Christmas Cake, the chocolate lava cake is a common favorite and can be completed quite quickly. Everyone is going to fall in love just with the scent of the chocolate itself!

Other Celebration Cakes:

Have you ever wanted to show off your patriotic spirit with a special 4th of July cake? How about creating one for a special office party? You would be surprised to know how many people come here to get other celebration cakes recipes and tips. Apart from unique wedding cake designs, there are plenty of creative ways to make a cake seem just right for a special occasion.

You can start off by winning the heart of your loved one with a specially prepared Valentine cake on that day. Any normal cake with a frosting of heart or chocolate coated love messages would make for some beautiful moments. Just like you take unique wedding cake pictures, the different types of other celebration cakes can also lead to some memorable photos of your final masterpiece.

Cake Decorating Ideas:

You can impress your loved ones with your baking skills just by practicing a few cake decorating ideas in your kitchen. The designs might start to look complex, but you can trust me that the procedure is extremely simple in nature. All you need to do is take your time and follow easy step by step instructions on our site. It is also very important to pay attention to the cake decorating tips they you will find here, like for example:

“For cakes like Tinkerbell cake, that require a lot of color, you should use cane sugar instead of beet sugar in the icing as it can hold the color much longer.”Layered cakes should have special icing rings as part of the setup which can be filled up with custard.

Selection of the right materials is an important part of cake decorating ideas and we happily provide the assistance with that.As long as you have lots of fun doing it, decorating should be a breeze for you!

Cake Recipes:

Every cake that is praised or loved has a secret behind it. The secret is that the cake recipes are chosen in such a way that they lead to the delicious servings on the plate. It is perfectly normal to feel unsure about the recipes. If you are in charge of unique wedding cake designs, you would have to make sure that the prepared cake meets the taste and flavor requirements.

This is where cake recipes can end up playing a big role. Homemade recipes are always a success and our website is full of them nurtured with special love and care. You might get the most premium cakes but the flavor of love is something unique and will always make your cake stand out from the rest. In Europe, where I come from, the flavor of the cakes is still more important than the design itself (even dough it is changing rapidly). With that in mind, we have prepared a great collection of European cake recipes for you. Most of them come from my Grandma’s Recipe Book. Once you start using them, people are gonna start craving for more delights every time you come around.

Cake Picture Gallery:

People say that “seeing is believing” and I firmly believe that it applies the most to all the delicacies prepared in the kitchen. Our Cake Picture Gallery is your opportunity to peek into thousands of unique wedding cake designs and other pictures to give you a basic idea. If you like a certain recipe but cannot figure out how to go about the job, the pictures would act as a visual guide, helping you prepare your special cake for the occasion.

Some of the pictures that you see are unique wedding cake pictures while the others refer to some creative ideas for different occasions. You can use our Cake Picture Gallery to get some new ideas or make some modifications to the existing ones. These images represent the very best experiences all around the world and you could even add a photo of your most memorable baking moment! I would love to see your designs and it would surely be in demand all over.

Sometimes, you might realize that you do not have the time or resources to bake a cake at home. If you browse our site, you would find some excellent info on bakeries, based on actual customer experiences like you and me. You can talk about unique wedding cake designs and negotiate the price yourself. Provide the exact requirement specifications and tell them all of your design ideas so that you can get some unique wedding cake pictures for your special occasion.

Do you remember how some of the best knowledge was given to you in school? Here, you can also get an opportunity to see some unusual wedding cake designs and try them out; using the special series of instruction based tutorial videos. You do not need to have lots of knowledge about baking or recipes for starting out. You can simply carry a pen and a pad, note down what you see and get to work on your own creation that would surely lead to some unique wedding cake pictures in the future.

You might think that everything has already been covered so far, but wait; there are still some things that you need to consider! Before you start with your unique cake designs and grand decorations, you need to make sure that you have the right supplies for the job. The first step of any cake making procedure is to understand the supplies that you need along with the best places to get them. Most of the modern supplies have amazing discounts and offers attached to them, so that you can pick them up anytime you want and still stay within your budget.

You might need special candy supplies and accessories to prepare the decorations depending on the type of cake you want to bake. From a cheese cake to a banana flavored delight, the right pans and decorating tools are extremely important. All you need to do is to browse our site and look up the best sources of these supplies. If you order in bulk, the price can be reduced even further. Now is your chance to compete with the experts and come up with your own creamy temptation using only the best tools.

All of these unique wedding cake pictures, videos, recipes, tips and articles are here to help you out on this exciting culinary journey. I would be holding your hand all along the way as you progress from simple bakes towards more layered designs. Once you start enjoying the thoughts and passion that goes behind creating the cakes, you would fall in love with the different aspects of our channel.

Let’s not waste more time so you can create unique cake designs for your special ceremony. Keep your mind and heart focused, have a look around at your resources and dive into the world of chocolate filled treats and candy coated layers. Let’s go bake ourselves a cake!

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