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Animal Safary Cake Design

Fun Kids Birthday Cake

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    pillow wedding cake picture

    Classy Pillow Wedding Cake

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    We know how important is the occasion for which you need a cake decorating idea!

    Is it your son or daughter’s graduation? A birthday? A baby shower? A going away party? An anniversary?

    Whatever it is, it will be a memory that will be cherished forever.

    And we guarantee you this ... your cake or dessert, whatever you choose to make, will be immortalized forever in one of the many photographs taken away from that special occasion.

    With that in mind, how important is it that you get it done right?

    Let’s face it. Cake decorating is more art than science. The icing has to be just right. Your designs should decorative but not gaudy. You need the correct tools to add the flair you want. In every way, it’s a delicate balancing act between time, creativity, patience, skill and decorating technique.

    socker cake design picture

    Fun Socker Cake

    Time is money when you’re cake decorating, and you don’t want to squander time with "experiments" for your special occasion. With so much on the line, what options do you have? Learn Cake, Cookie and Candy Decorating Secrets from the Pros You could hire out a pro to teach you private lessons, but that could cost an arm and a leg.

    No matter what kind of cake you make, your Cakes and Desserts will Become the Talk of the Party!

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    You’ll have instant access to the collective expertise of professional cake decorators who will show you what works and what doesn’t, so you can avoid costly and expensive mistakes along the way and create that picture perfect dessert creation that will mean so much to the ones you love. These video tutorials are easier than flipping through piles of books and magazines to get the direction you want.

    A Wealth of Resources in Your Personal Library You probably have stacks of print baking books and magazines in your kitchen, but as a member you’ll have access to a personal cake decorating ideas and tips videos with tons of creative creations.

    Here’s just a sampling of some of the tutorials in the library

  • How to Properly Mix Fondant

  • Twelve Tantalizing Tortes

  • Candy Clay on Display

  • Jurassic Park Dinosaur Cake

  • Mary’s Cupcake Garden

  • Mardi Gras Masquerade Cake

  • New Year’s Cookie Bouquet

  • Lumberjack Cookies

  • St. Pat’s Party Pot

  • Luv Bug Cake

    and more...

    In addition, each month they will send you a free how to video added to your library.

    Got a Question about Cake Decorating? Get Instant Answers from Pros and Other Cake Decorators in the Online Forum Further, as a member, you will receive special access to a forum where you can communicate with other members as well as the professional cake decorators at the site. Get immediate answers to your specific questions about cake, cookie and candy designs.

    Get great cake decorating ideas and tips videos on the spot!

    Learn from these pros their insider secrets for creating beautiful, delicious cakes, cookies and candies for any occasion.

    Learn Insider Cake Decorating Techniques to Creating Delightful Dessert Creations

    An entire section of is devoted to showing you insider techniques and tricks for decorating your desserts.

    In it, you’ll learn techniques such as:

  • How to Use Acetate Paper to Get Perfectly Smooth Icing

  • Secrets of Using Baking Strips to Make Sure You're Cakes are Level

  • Proper Techniques for Using Ball Tool with Fondant

  • How to Use a Border Cutter to Make Plaques for Lettering

  • Creating "Picture" Perfect Frosting Patterns

  • Secrets of Perfect Cake Stacking

  • How to Perfectly Prepare Marshmallow Fondant

  • How to Prepare Royal Icing Tools Like the Pros

  • How to Create Your Own Cookie Cutter "Lips" Pattern

  • How to Properly Use Gum Paste Tools (and make your own)

    ... all taught by professional decorators, in a bite-sized easy to follow video format.

    Promote Your Cake Creations through Online Cake Photo Gallery

    As a member, you’ll gain access to thousands of luscious cake, cookie and candy designs and creations.

    castle cake design picture

    Castle Cake Designs

    You can see what others have created in an online cake photo gallery to get your creative juices flowing, and you can also create your own online cake photo album to share with other members or email to your friends and relatives.

    Imagine the reaction you’ll get when you post cakes like these in your online cake photo gallery.

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