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There are many different kinds of decorations you can use for your cake. The best are, however, genuine, edible cake decorations. For ages most popular were flowers and figurines as wedding cake toppers.

Things are changing these days and image (photo) cake toppers are becoming more and more popular. Also, since cupcakes and mini cakes are now very hot, miniature cake decorations are gaining popularity as well.

We chose the best videos on YouTube that will help you learn more about various edible cake decorations.

1. Edible Cake Images

When it comes to throwing any kind of party, cakes becomes one of the most important and the most noticed items.

As cakes highlight the whole celebration and being the centerpiece of the event that is celebrated, they must be well decorated. Nowadays there are numerous different ways to decorate your cake and make it look exceptional. One of many popular ways is using edible cake images.

Whether you are making a wedding party or engagement, or even anniversary party, edible cake images are the perfect option to add your own personal touch and make your cake an exquisite piece of art.

The edible cake images can be anything you want, anything that pop into your head-any drawing or painting, a photo or any image that you know will make both person the cake is made for and the guests smile the very moment they see the cake. In order to make edible cake images all you need is a brand new printer, edible ink cartridges and edible sheets.

edible cake image photo picture

The only thing you should do is to find the image you would like to see on your cake, print it and place it on top of your cake. With edible cake images you will get the opportunity to beautify your cake which will certainly look stylish and elegant.

Learn what you need to make your own edible cake images

2. Edible Cake Flowers

Cake decorations are highly important for the overall appearance of any cake as its design may drastically change a regular cake into a fun and eye-catching work of art. Using edible flowers as cake decoration is one of many options to impress your friends, relatives and loved ones at your next celebration.

edible cake flower decorations

Edible cake flowers will make the cakes both attractive and striking. They are handy for all types of the cakes such as wedding cakes, birthday cakes, engagement cakes, Mother's Day cakes and many others. Using edible cake flowers can help you upgrade the appearance of the cake, they are also decorative and fun addition to any piece of baked art that can add so much ambiance to the event that the cake is made for.

If you have ambition to make edible cake flowers by yourself, it is not very difficult work. You just need the right tools and some knowledge and you can learn how to make decorative edible cake flowers out of sugar, royal icing, butter-cream icing, gum paste or fondant.

No matter which flower you will make or what material you are going to use, edible cake flowers will turn your ordinary cake into an impressive work of art.

3. Edible Cake Toppers

When it comes to cake decoration, there is no limit as there are so many various edible cake decorations available that will make your cake look really gorgeous. Decorating cakes is the most difficult part of the whole process of making cakes.

However, cake decorations may spruce up your cake. For decorating the cakes, you can use lovely cake toppers objects that will give the new dimension to the cake. Even though cake toppers objects are just small details, they are those, which will make your cake uniquely memorable.

Edible cake toppers decorations

See the video here!

It is extremely fun to see interesting edible figurines and flowers on top of the cake during the celebration. For example, the figurines of the bride and groom are traditionally seen on wedding cakes. Also, edible flowers may be seen as decorative toppers adorning your wedding cake. There are wide ranges of edible cake toppers according to your preferences, which will make your cake look very special and beautiful.

Apart from edible figurines and flowers as lovely cake decorations, using cake photos as toppers is another interesting way to make your cake eye-catching and the talk of the event. If you choose edible photo as decoration for your cake, you will turn your cake into something very special and all your guests will be impress with the appearance of your cake when they see your photo or your kids' photo on their birthday cake. Snazzy and interesting edible cake toppers will highlight the spirit of the event you are celebrating.

4. Elegant Edible Cake Decorations

In order to create elegant cake, you need to have a certain amount of creativity and the desire to turn a simple plain cake into elegant piece of bakery. To make your cake look elegant and to reflect with elegance you don't have to make complicated decoration.

Neither your cake have to be cluttered with too many decorations as it will lose its elegance and sophisticated design. Just a few elegant cake decorations would be just enough to highlight the cake made for your special event. Such elegantly decorated cake will doubtless cause the "wow" effect and its appearance will leave most people speechless, which is the main task of elegant edible cake decorations. They are meant to create the effect you need and that is to make your cake unforgettably beautiful and stylish.

Elegant edible cake decorations

There are so many different methods to make elegant edible cake decorations using various materials. The possibilities are endless; it is just a matter of your imagination and skill.

If you are willing enough to try to make some of elegant edible cake decorations here are some tutorials where you can learn how to do that. Making elegant cake decorations is a challenging work but once you succeed the pleasure is greater and you will feel huge satisfaction for managing to produce small but very significant supplements for your cake that make it look astonishingly elegant.

5. Camping Theme Edible Cake Decorations

If you are trying to make the perfect cake for the upcoming event and make it be special and the most interesting event you have ever organized, it is very important to choose the ideal theme for that occasion. We usually choose the theme according to the occasion or the preferences of the celebrant. For those who are of restless spirit and are adventurer in heart, the best solution would be camping theme. To make this themed cake you will need camping theme edible cake decorations which will accurately display the camping environment.

Camping cake edible decorations

Arm yourself with required tools and materials and embark yourself on an adventure of making edible cake decorations for camping themed cake. You will need many details to present the camping surrounding such as tents, campfire, woods, rocks and everything that goes with camping. Making these edible cake decorations is probably very demanding and difficult work but at the same time it can be very fun and joyful when the end product turns out to be outstandingly interesting camping themed cake with plenty details. Feeling satisfaction for the successful work is something that inspires to continue creating edible cake decorations.

Camping theme edible cake decorations are excellent option for decorating birthday cakes both for children and adults and are ideal for scouts who spend lot of time camping and enjoy sitting around campfires. Using camping theme cake decorations cause all positive impressions which results satisfaction of the creator of the cake.

6. Minnie Mouse Edible Cake Decorations

What do you think of decorating a birthday cake for a small kid? I think it is such a diverting work. Not only that you will be satisfied and proud of the finished product but your kid will be the most happiest kid on the planet Earth when see his amusingly decorated birthday cake. If you have doubts what decoration would be suitable for your kid, Minnie Mouse is traditionally excellent option when it is girl's birthday concerned. As a matter of fact, Minnie Mouse edible cake decorations are just what you need to see your kid full of beans when see his lovely cake for the first time.

Minnie Mouse cake decorations

Many different options are available on the market when it comes to Minnie Mouse edible cake decorations. There are lots of Minnie Mouse edible toppers that can be bought in many stores or online, then there is a possibility to make cake decorations in Minnie's shape out of edible materials such as fondant, gum paste, modeling chocolate with addition of food coloring.

Let your imagination run wild, let your fingers enjoy in work and with little effort, you will manage to produce lovely Minnie Mouse edible cake decorations which will adorn your kid's cake thus making the whole birthday party be a real hit.

7. Making Edible Glass Cake Decorations

Decorating cakes sometimes is not so easy as it seems to be. Very often you are sick of traditional and usual cake decorations and seek for something different, something that will gives you pleasure when look at. If you are hesitating whether ordinary decorations will do the job or you are thinking of using something special and distinctive than anything else, than the good choice would be edible glass decorations.

Edible glass cake decorations

Edible glass cake decorations will add a new dimension to your cake and will give the cake a completely new appearance which will impress with their elegance and simple beauty. Making edible glass cake decorations is really fun and they can be used for all types of cakes.

For making those you need basic materials-sugar, butter and baking or cookie sheets. Watch the video and learn how to make edible glasses which you can use for decorating your cake.

How To Make Sugar Martini, Champagne & Wine Glasses

8. Jungle Cake Decoration Edible

Cakes are usually central parts of almost every occasion. That's why their design and overall appearance is very essential. Depending on the cake style, your upcoming event will be more interesting and fun. Sometimes due to our overwork we are not able to think of some interesting cake design. What we all have to know is that when kid's birthdays are concerned, themed cakes are always well accepted.

Edible jungle cake deorations

So many fun and amusing themes can be used for cake decorations. Among many kids are very often thrilled with animals especially wild animals. If you decide to choose for example a jungle themed birthday cake for your kid, you certainly won't be wrong. As kids adore wild life, jungle and wild animals you will have to ensure that you make decorations for jungle themed cake in order to make wild party.

Making jungle cake edible decorations can be time-consuming work but work that is worth the effort. The pleasure that you will see on kid's faces when they see lovely jungle cake edible decorations on top of the cake is something invaluable. You can decide to make plenty jungle details out of various material which are edible thus making the party more fun. Just imagine the kids' joy when they realize that they can eat a lion or a tiger or even a monkey made of fondant or modeling chocolate. There are plenty options how your jungle cake decorations can look depending on your skill and creativity. But one thing is certain. Making these interesting decorations is joyful work.

9. Angry Birds Edible Cake Decorations

When you are trying to come up with some unusual cake design ideas, it could be a real brainstorm. There are so many different options that sometimes you can't decide which design is the most perfect. Decorating cakes is fun but not always easy as you may think. But if you put some effort and love in making interesting cake decorations later you may be very pleased with the results. One of very interesting and fun idea for cake decoration is Angry Birds cake decorations.

edible angry bird cake decorations

If you are skilled enough and maybe of low budget, you can save some money by simply decorating your cake with Angry Birds edible cake decorations which you can make by yourself. Using these cake decorations, you will give your cake special finish and highly amazing look that everyone will adore. It may seem that making Angry Birds cake decorations is mostly difficult and complicated work, but once you manage to make them the pleasure will be all yours. And the cake with these edible decorations will certainly be the talk on the party.

10. Edible Cake Diamonds

If you want to make any occasion special and unique you need to have unique cake. Mostly weddings are these occasions when the cake have to be glamorous and elegant. What makes wedding cakes so beautiful is the decoration of the cake. It gives the cake specific look and makes you feel sublime on your special day. In order to achieve this you have to decorate your cake with some great toppers such as edible cake diamonds.

Edible diamond cake decorations

Edible cake diamonds are wonderful decorations for cakes that can add a touch of glamour to any party. They add sparkle and sophistication to any cake and their main advantage is that they are edible. Today edible cake diamonds are becoming the most popular decoration for elegant cakes. If you imagine the wedding cake decorated with these gorgeous cake diamonds you will see how elegant the cake can be.

Just a simple elegant cake is not good enough for glamorous weddings or similar celebrations. If you add edible cake diamonds to your wedding cake it will easily become the focal piece that people will be talking about for years to come. There is a saying that the cake toppers make the cake. Cakes that are decorated with edible cake diamonds are awesome cakes for sure. There are literally hundreds of different cake toppers to decorate the cake but cake diamonds are elegant toppers which makes your cake look amazingly stylish and beautiful.

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