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Cakes are one the best things about any party and they never fail to hold people’s attention. Therefore, if you pride yourself on being the creative sort, then here is a wonderful way of letting your talents show and add excitement to your party! Use fun cake designs and ideas to break the monotony of the usual square and heart shaped cakes, and let everyone know that you take fun seriously!

These days there are innumerable unique cake designs and ideas that you can choose from. Depending on the occasion, the cause for celebration and the choices of the people for whom the party is being organized, you can opt from various designs.

However, if you still fail to come up with a good enough idea, just let the imagination run wild and do something that nobody has ever seen before! The good thing about these cool cake designs is that you can try from a number of easy to tough designs. Remember, even if you are inexperienced with baking you do not necessarily have to go wrong.

Great cake designs go especially well in theme parties when designed accordingly. A good cake in such cases goes beyond serving as a delightful treat, serving also as a mood setter for fun!

When making cakes for family desserts, birthdays or bake sales why not enjoy yourself and make only the best cakes. Use cakes from your collection of recipes. Now you get to play and create unique designs.

You will want to gather some funky supplies in addition to your standard baking equipment. For instance, my mom used to make cakes in coffee cans to make fire cracker cakes for my cousin’s Fourth of July birthday, decorating the cake with red icing. She stuck a licorice stick in the cake for a wick.

You can use regular round cakes to make baseballs, basketballs or soccer balls. There are molds you can use to make 3 dimensional ball cakes.

 Fun Cake Design  Fun  Cake Design  Fun Cake Design
Fun Cake Design 1 Fun Cake Design 2 Fun Cake Design 3
Fun cake design  Fun  cake design Fun  cake design
Fun Cake Design 4 Fun Cake Design 5 Fun Cake Design 6

Rectangular or square cakes can be used to create letters and numbers. Decorating any of these cakes in a fun way using dots, stripes, squiggles, etc. can be great fun. Go wild creating fun cake designs.

See how you can make cakes like these! here!

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