How do You Make Fondant Icing

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Cake decorating can not only be fun and enjoyable hobby, but can be a good way to earn some money working at home especially for those people who think that they are creative and have capability to design beautiful cakes.

There are many different options how to decorate cakes but one of the most popular and the most interesting is decorating with fondant icing as it allows you to create very exciting and fun decorations.

Fondant icing is something similar to any dough, can be rolled out and when rolled can be placed on the cake in order to make nice and smooth frosting. Many different shapes and patterns can be cut out of fondant icing and it can be colored by simply kneading in food coloring.

Although fondant icing can be bought in many stores it is very easy to make your own. All of you who are interested in making fondant icing the following articles and video will show you how to easily make fondant icing.

Instruction How to Make Marshmallow Fondant – Recipe


1 pack white miniature marshmallows

1 pack powdered sugar

Teaspoon of water

Vegetable shortening

Vanilla extract (optional)

Spatula or spoon

Microwave safe bowl


1. Grease the bowl well with vegetable shortening.

2. Pour the entire pack of marshmallows in a microwave safe bowl, add 1-2 teaspoon of water and pop it into the microwave for about 1 minute.

3. Remove the bowl from the oven, stir and continue to microwave for 30 seconds intervals until the marshmallows are fully melted. It takes approximately 2 minutes.

4. Stir well until they get smooth.

5. Grease the working board, and your hands and pour the half of the pack of powdered sugar on the working space.

6. Turn out the melted marshmallow onto your prepared work surface.

7. Start kneading the marshmallow fondant like any other dough.

8. Keep adding powdered sugar at a time until it is not sticky any more.

Note: Take care not to use too much sugar as it can make the fondant too dry. If you are not going to use marshmallow fondant immediately, wrap it in a plastic wrap and place it in a airtight bag. If the fondant gets very hard, microwave it for a few seconds and if the fondant is too dry then knead in some shortening and if it is too soft add more powdered sugar.

How to make fondant cake

Instruction How to Make Buttercream Fondant – Recipe


1 cup corn syrup

1 cup shortening

Salted butter


1 teaspoon clean vanilla extract

2 lbs powdered sugar


1. Stir together the shortening and salted butter

2. Add vanilla extract and milk.

3. Gradually add powdered sugar until you get stiff dough.

4. Mix the dough and if it is sticky keep adding powdered sugar until dough is smooth.

How to Make Rolled Fondant – Recipe


¼ cup cold water

2 tbsp white shortening

8 cups powdered sugar

1 tbsp unflavored gelatin

1tbsp glycerin

½ cup light corn syrup


1. Place water in a mixing bowl

2. Add unflavored gelatin and stir with a spoon.

3. Put it in a microwave for a few seconds to melt.

4. In a large bowl put powdered sugar and make a well in the center.

5. Add the gelatin mixture and mix all well until it comes together.

6. Place powdered sugar onto the working board, place the dough and start kneading with your hands until it gets smooth.Note: If the dough is too sticky add a little bit more powdered sugar and knead until it is not sticky.

7. Wrap it in plastic cling wrap and keep it in room temperature if you don't use it immediately.

Instruction How to Make Chocolate Fondant – Recipe


200gr dark chocolate

200gr butter

200gr caster sugar

3 eggs

200gr plain


1. Place a bowl over the pan of barely boiling water, place chocolate and butter and melt them.

2. Remove the bowl from the heat and stir.

3. In another large bowl beat eggs and sugar together until thick.

4. Add a little bit of melted chocolate at a time into the beaten eggs and sugar and stir until the mixture is combined.

5. Add flour to the mixture and mix all well.

6. Grease the round small pans with the butter to bake the fondant.

7. Pour the chocolate mixture into the pans and bake the fondant for about 12 minutes.

8. When baked turn them out of the pans onto the plate.

How to Color Fondant

Instructions how to color fondant

1. If you want to color your fondant, flatten the white fondant into a round disc.

2. In order to avoid coloring your hands you should wear gloves.

3. Add your desired color to the center of the round fondant and fold the fondant in such a way that color stays inside the fondant.

4. Start kneading the fondant like any dough and you will notice that color will begin coming through from the center

5. Continue kneading until you get even spread of the color.

6. The fondant is now ready to use or you can wrap it and keep it for later use.

How to Prevent Fondant from Sticking

Working with fondant is challenging but very interesting at the same time. Very often fondant sticks to your hands. To prevent fondant from sticking to your hands first you have to cover your hands with a thin layer of shortening.

Before you start working with the fondant, you should prepare your working space by greasing it with some shortening or dusting it with confectioner's sugar.

If your fondant is too sticky, add some confectioner's sugar and knead it in until it is not sticky any more.

How to Apply Fondant

1. Before you begin working with fondant, cover the working space with powdered sugar to prevent sticking.

2. Knead the fondant on the working space until it gets pliable.

3. Roll out the fondant with rolling pin to enough size to cover the whole cake.

4. Roll the fondant over your arm or rolling pin to lift it and place the fondant over the cake taking care not to tear the fondant.

5. Shape the fondant to the cake with your hands.

6. Take the smoother and mark the edge at the base of the cake.

7. Then take the cutter and cut the excess fondant.

How to Cut Fondant

Fondant can be cut in many different shapes. Before cutting fondant, you should rolled it out on a working space to the desired size, and use various molds to cut different shapes. If you are covering the whole cake with fondant then you should cut the excess fondant using rolling fondant cutter.

How to Make Fondant Shiny

There are many methods for making the fondant shiny. You can use the paintbrush and apply a thin layer of nonstick cooking spray on the fondant.

Another way is to brush luster dust over the fondant to make it shiny. When you use this method, take care not to large amount of dust to prevent getting an uneven amount on the fondant. You can also dip your paintbrush into the egg whites or melted shortening and apply it on the fondant thus making it shiny.

Fondant Tools

Decorating cakes with fondant is very popular today and in order to work with fondant you will need fondant tools. There are many different tools used for working with fondant such as:

- cookie cutters which can be found in many different shapes-flowers, hearts etc and are used for making fun shapes.

-fondant mats use to provide a work area for rolled fondant;

- rolling pin for rolling fondant;

- fondant smoother to smooth the imperfections out of rolled fondant

- fondant cutters for cutting or embossing patterns on fondant

Where to Buy Fondant?

Fondant can be purchased in many different stores. Mostly commonly, you will find it at craft stores, at your local bakery or any cake shop. Also there are many online stores selling fondant so you can order it online if you are not willing searching for the fondant in the stores.

How to Store Fondant

When you want to work with fondant, you make sure that it is soft and flexible. In order to keep fondant soft as it dries out quickly, wrap it in a plastic wrap and store in a plastic bag at room temperature.

Don't put it into refrigerator as it can get wet when it comes out. It can be a little bit harder when you take it out of the plastic bag. In that case, grease your hands and knead it a little bit and it will become pliable and workable again.

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