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Your best friend is having a baby, and you are in charge of the shower, so you are looking for a picture of a baby shower cake that you might want to have made.

picture of baby shower cake

Parents look for a twin objective while make the "baby first birthday cake".

First they make a nice little birthday cake for the baby to get its first take at something really smacking and delicious, and the second cake is prepared for the kids who come to celebrate the first birthday of the baby.

Ask the baker at your local cakery if she can make a teddy bear cake. Ask to see picture of baby shower cake - some of her other creations. If you like to bake there are cake pans you can buy to make your own teddy bear cake.

A diaper cake centerpiece is not only attractive but also provides additional gifts for baby. You can purchase these on line and in some gift shops or you can make one yourself.

The "cake" consists of diapers rolled into tight cylinders and arranged in tiers similar to a wedding cake. Small toys and toiletries are used to decorate the cake. Sock roses are sometimes also used to decorate these cakes.

Have you always wanted to run your own bakery but have no clue about how to start a bakery business? You can get a lot of helpful information and even loans from the Small Business Administration. There are some very helpful books about starting and running your bakery.

You have some important decisions to make. Where will your shop be located? Can the area you have chosen support another bakery? What kind of shop do you want? Do you dream of having a cakery that specializes in wedding cakes or do you want a general neighborhood bakery or maybe a bakery/café?

Is there a bakery for sale near your office where you get your morning coffee and roll? If you are interested, have your accountant go over the books to make sure the business is viable.

This could be the right business for you since you won’t have to buy equipment and the current owner can tell you which are the best wholesale supply companies that service bakeries.

One very important question you have to answer is will you do the baking or will you hire someone? In your neighborhood bakery you can keep a book with pictures of your creations including a picture of baby shower cakes you have made.

It is just as important, if not more so, to keep a photo album of wedding cakes for prospective customers to look at when they are shopping for the perfect cake.

Many neighborhood bakeries also will do wedding cakes and some of their designs are exquisite and may well be less expensive than those from specialty bakers.

If you are hoping to run a neighborhood bakery you will also want to sell cookies, pies, rolls, muffins and of course birthday cakes.

Whatever type of bakery you decide to open, you will need to do a market study. Will a working class neighborhood be able to support a wedding cake bakery or would a general bakery do better?

An upscale bakery-café will probably succeed downtown near the business district.

When your bakery is up and running, take a picture of baby shower cake that you have made, especially if it is a unique design.

If you are planning your wedding and don’t know what bakery to use, try the bakery where you bought your sister’s baby shower cake last year.

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