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It is nice to see you :-) Now you wonder who we are?

Let us tell you our story:

Two European ladies met at French school in Montreal, Canada, in early nineties. Well, Montreal is cold, but people are warm. You can trust me on that :-)

So, we were studying hard (let me tell you French is not an easy language to learn) and a beautiful friendship had developed and has been cherished all these years, even when Zorana moved to USA and Nina started wandering around the world...

They never thought of building a business together until one day Zorana came across SiteSell.

Since she had been a web designer and Internet marketer for few years by that time, she understood that there was nothing like SiteSell for people who wanted to make money on Internet, working from their own homes.

Here is one mom from our SBI community:

Once Zorana realized how many people needed great ideas about cakes, she called Nina... and the rest is history...

Nina, who had been a cake decorator for the most part of her life in Europe, Australia, and North America, was happy to join with her ideas, tips and advice.

Thanks to SiteSell she is on a long vacation now, a vacation that she likes to call her early retirement, and is traveling around the world with her husband. Well deserved!

Our friend Lisa Gold is our new team member :-)

Meet Lisa Gold:

An effervescent personality. Hailing from Boston, she is a bundle of talent. She is a freelance writer, an ace at writing thought provoking and interesting articles. She is a writing website owner and of course an avid cake lover.

She is happily married with two doting kids. Her love and interest for cakes has prompted her to join our successful team. With our help, she wants to sharpen her cake making and cake decorating skills.

Lisa, like you, loves the juicy tidbits of cake related information to enhance her knowledge on the subject she loves quite a lot. She feels that there is a whole new world of gorgeous looking cakes on this site for you to sample on.

She is proactive and she believes that your attitude is like an icing if hard work is your cake.

Lisa stays at her beautiful home with her lovely children and like a smart young lady makes money though WAHM


P.S. Now you can visit us also at Blog

We look forward to hearing from you.

Nina & Lisa

PS In December 2008. Zorana decided to retire and embrace Nina's lifestyle - wandering around the world with her husband.

Fave fun :-) Home

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