Wedding Cakes: Cupcake Wedding Cakes Ideas & Designs

Cupcake Wedding Cakes Ideas - Fun and Creative Designs

You know that cupcake wedding cakes are very hot these days. Now you need some decorating ideas, inspiring funny or elegant tower or tree designs and pictures. Right?

Wonder how that cupcake cascading tower or tree is built? If so, this is the place for you!

Cupcake Decoration and Design Suggestions:

Cupcakes wedding cakes might be arranged beautifully as cascading towers or trees with the help of cake stands.

Use tiered cake stands to build a cupcake tree or a tower of cascading cupcake wedding cakes. Stands come in different sizes, so you can make your cupcake tree as tall or as low as you wish.

Nice idea to decorate cupcake tree is to use branches with or without leaves. For winter or Christmas wedding white branches would be perfect. Use orange for fall weddings.You may serve cupcakes for any occasion: Christmas party, birthday or shower.

If you choose white color, you can't go wrong. It will work great for any wedding theme.

Cupcakes are so popular because they are different, their price is lower, than traditional wedding cakes and they are usually easier to decorate but sometimes decoration might be labor intensive.

How about making each cupcake in a special shape of a flower or a star, square?

Natural (organic), silk and fondant flowers and fruits are always beautiful as decorations. Use spring flowers for spring wedding and fall fruits for fall wedding.

Play with the colors and you will get gorgeous and unique cupcake wedding cakes.For more colorful designs use the liners in different colors including gold or silver ones!

Once, I made cupcakes of smiley faces:-) . You guessed it! Everybody who looked at them smiled. People like funny things, especially if they are sweet.

How about Christmas ornament for Christmas wedding or cone for the fall wedding, heart shaped candy or miniature chocolate for St. Valentine wedding?

For your cupcake decoration you may also use wedding cake miniature jewelry.

Monogramming cakes is nice and very popular idea as well!

Bride's and groom's pictures would be very original and some guests may eat them with pleasure :-)You could make blue cupcakes for the groom and pink ones for the bride!

Possibilities are endless as you may see.

Here are some inspirational ideas, designs and pictures for your "cupcake wedding cakes":

picture of wedding cupcake picture wedding cupcakes cake
Wedding Cupcake Picture 1 Wedding Cupcakes Picture 2
picture of wedding cupcake picture of wedding cupcake
Wedding Cupcake Picture 3 Wedding Cupcake Picture 4
picture of wedding cupcake picture wedding cupcake cake
Wedding Cupcake Picture 5 Wedding Cupcake Picture 6
picture of wedding cupcake picture wedding cupcakes cake
Wedding Cupcake Picture 7 Wedding Cupcakes Picture 8
picture of wedding cupcakse picture of mini cupcakewedding  cake
Wedding Cupcake Pictures 9 Wedding Cupcake Picture 10
picture cup cake picture of cupcake mini
Wedding Cupcake Picture 11 Wedding Cupcake Picture 12
picture chocolate cupcake cake picture of cupcakes
Wedding Cupcake Picture 13 Wedding Cupcake Picture 14
picture chocolate cupcake cake picture of cupcakes
Wedding Cupcake Picture 15 Wedding Cupcake Picture 16
picture of cupcakes picture of cupcakes
Wedding Cupcake Picture 17 Wedding Cupcake Picture 18

May be you want to make your own unique cupcake wedding cakes?

Here are some helpful tips:

The best way is to make your cupcakes and then freeze them without frosting or decorations. To freeze wrap each in plastic wrap and foil and place them in the container.

Buttercream cupcake can't stay frozen for a long time, up to two months only.

Decorating wedding cupcakes with buttercream

1. What you need

Cake goods:

· your favorite sponge cakes

· buttercream

· sugar flowers


· food safe brush

· icing bag

Finishing touches:

· white ladycut wrappers


· The recipe for the cupcakes should be one that you have already tried, ideally a simple sponge cake with butter, flour and eggs with vanilla flavoring.

· Once the cupcakes are out of the oven, you can add the vanilla flavor by brushing them with vanilla syrup.

· The best cupcakes have a nice dome on the top.

· The white sugar flowers can also be used later: once the cupcakes are displayed you can just scatter them all over.

Making the wedding cupcake buttercream decorations

Step 1: Using an icing tool add the buttercream to the cupcakes. You should start at the center of the cupcake, squeezing out just a bit of buttercream. Then you just have to go around, squeezing as you do, creating a nice spiral going upwards.

Step 2: Once this is done you can simply stick the white sugar flowers into the buttercream topping, two or three for one cupcake.

Step 3: To finish the decorating you should use some ladycut wrappers, which look like white lace made of paper. These can be found in any cake decorating shop or online cake supplies stores. Wrap a white ladycut wrapper gently around the cupcake and secure it.

Step 4: Add little centers to the flowers made of buttercream with the icing tool.

See video instructions:

Decorating wedding cupcakes with fondant

What you need

Cake goods

· your favorite cupcakes

· white fondant, green fondant, yellow fondant and silver fondant


· different sized metal round cutters

· plastic texture

· letter cutters

· roller

Version 1

Step 1: Flatten the white fondant. Using a cutter that is approx. the same size as the size of the cupcake cut a round shape from white colored fondant.

Step 2: Place the white fondant on the top of the cupcake.

Step 3: Using a smaller cutter cut another piece of fondant, from another color (for example silver which fits to an elegant wedding).

Step 4: Before you put this onto the top of the other fondant press it into a texture paper to give it some lovely texture.

Step 5: Cut out letters from the fondant (in contrasting color with the previous round piece) and place it one top of the cupcake.

Version 2

Step 1: Cut a round shape of white fondant from a flattened piece.

Step 2: To make flowers roll out some fondant making a long thin strip, roll up this strip creating a spiral and squeeze one of the ends of the spiral to give it an elongated shape.

Step 3: For another type of flower make a ball and from that a cone, then take out the middle part with a spoon or another tool so it is hollow inside. Place a yellow thin strip of fondant in the hollow part of the cone to make it look like a lily.

Step 4: Add green leaves around the flowers made of fondant.

See video instructions:

Find here some more cupcake wedding cakes designs, pictures and ideas

Enjoy! Please let me know how your guests liked "cupcake wedding cakes" designs and flavors :-)

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