Wedding Cake Designs & Wedding Cake Ideas

How to choose one among innumerable wedding cake designs and ideas that are out there and also to keep wedding cake price at reasonable level?

Your wedding cakes design should reflect your personal style and taste and should, of course, go well with the decor and menu of your reception.

wedding cakes pictures

Follow me and I will help you with that every single step on the way, you will feel a relief and joy as it should be in the time of preparing for your wedding day. This is a promise :-)

Wedding Cake Tips

Choose one among many different wedding cake designs, only after you have selected your dress, the place for the reception, the reception decor and colors, and anything else that may affect your choice of your wedding cake design.

You should try to select one of the wedding cake designs that will fit the overall theme and colors of your wedding and reception.

You could choose photo of the cake first and make everything else match that, but that approach will probably be much harder. And after you slice and serve the cake, everything that was chosen to match it is still there but the cake is history :-)

Brides and grooms fool only themselves if they think that people care about the cake’s flavor and will not notice the wedding cakes designs and decorations.

Aside from the bride’s glowing face and her beautiful dress, nothing says wedding like wedding cake designs!

The unique wedding cake ideas may come from looking at the pictures of other wonderful wedding cake designs. That way you will find a cake photo that will help you design cake to enhance your reception.

There are lots of approaches to take with wedding cake designs, from traditional white or cream icings in classic designs to totally non-traditional works of colorful artistry. Today, just about anything goes!

The wedding cakes today are so different than in the past. Designs are evolving to meet the needs of today’s couples. More and more we see couples choosing < a href="cupcake-wedding-cakes.html"> cupcake towers which is one of most original wedding cake ideas.

Miniature cakes are gaining popularity as well. Round shape may soon be past, as all kinds of shapes are coming into a picture: square, rectangular, oval, heart etc... wedding cake pictures But some couples still prefer traditional round shape and flavor like fruit or cheesecakes for wedding cakes.

In any case, as you share your cake with friends and loved ones, the wedding cakes tradition continues to symbolize the sweetness of life, love, fertility, and prosperity.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering your wedding cake designs or ideas:

How big is your budget, and how much of that should be spent on the wedding cake design?

Will the cake be the only dessert or will it be one of many choices? How big a cake do you need? Not every guest will want a piece if you have other desserts or a meal.

Will wedding cake design and flavor complement your decorations and the rest of your menu? Today’s pastry chefs at cakery can offer nearly limitless wedding cake designs and ideas and choices of construction, icings, decorations, and flavors.

How many tiers should the cake have and what colors should they be?

Would you like to have a unique, custom made wedding cake topper? Do you and your groom share a passion for motorcycles, cars, fishing, or something else that can be reflected in a miniature bride and groom atop your cake? May be a cartoon?

Do you want just an elegant glass or porcelain cake topper?

If you are looking for more wedding cake topper tips or online stores that sell very special cake tops click here.

Should you simply serve the cake as dessert, or should you offer to put the guests’ slices into small boxes or bags for them to take home?

Try to make your preliminary decisions on these and other questions you might think of before you visit any bakeries, but stay open to their expert suggestions.

You can order the wedding cake from a caterer, hotel, restaurant, or a bakery. Order it from a source that specializes in wedding cakes or creates one or more every week if possible.

Whoever you choose, ask for references of recent customers and contact them to ask if they were satisfied and if they have any advice for you in dealing with the baker.

Wedding Cake Picture

You may also wish to save the top layer of your cake for your first anniversary or the birth of your first child. Ask your baker whether the bakery can freeze and hold the top layer for a year.

If you choose cake top like this one on the picture, it may very well be your top layer as well. Right? And a very cute one indeed!

Do you need more wedding cake bakery tips? What are those important questions you should ask your pastry chef/baker? I have them ready for you: Click here!

Wedding Cake Flavors

Wedding guests have a higher expectation of better-tasting cakes nowadays, so you need to pay special attention to the flavor of your wedding cake.

On the other side brides today often are older than those of prior years and better traveled. Many have developed more sophisticated palates by having tried many ethnic foods and various cuisine in their travels. At their wedding they want wedding cake designs and food to make a personal statement about who they have become.

Should your cake be a single flavor or should each layer have a different flavor? No flavor or filling is considered off limits for a modern wedding. You can dazzle taste buds with mousse-filled cakes, cheesecakes, fruitcakes, or pound cakes. Or you may choose a standard chocolate, vanilla, orange mud, or sponge cake.

The most common flavors of wedding cake are vanilla, carrot, chocolate, marble, rum, lemon, and cheesecake. You can also add a filling such as coconut, custard, strawberry, chocolate, _mocha, and white-chocolate cream. Chocolate is the best alternative to vanilla. More and more popular choices are spice cake with caramel, hazelnut and almond cake with apricot cream.

If you can’t decide between one flavor and another or if you want to give your guests a selection of flavors, consider having each layer of your wedding cake made in different flavors. It can then be served buffet style, giving guests their choice of flavors.

Eclectic flavors such as ginger, cardamom, pistachio, and blood orange are very "hot". They can give your wedding cake exotic taste.

wedding cake pictures

Ideas for Decorating Your Wedding Cake

So, you found your favorite wedding cake desingns among houndreds of photos you went through. You decided to go for fondant icing.

Now it may be difficult to find an experienced cake decorator or pastry chef to make a good fondant cake, even though fondant cake designs are becoming increasingly popular.

Fondant should be smooth with a matte sheen and no wet marks. Be sure that the cake designer(decorator)has experience in fondant icing; ask to see a few samples of cakes he or she made.

Normally, professional pastry chefs will have a showroom with a selection of false wedding cake designs on display. The bigger the display, the busier the shop.

Remember to discuss in detail what differences may be expected when recreating a wedding cake design from a photograph of your choice.

Very heavy cakes should be placed on a durable base of fiberboard or plywood 1/2 inch thick.

Your cake should come in wedding cake box it makes transportation easier. Remove it from the boxes on the celebration table by cutting the sides of the boxes and sliding the cakes out.

Be careful when choosing whipped cream for your wedding cake, it can make your guests sick when it is kept at room temperature. If you use whipped cream on your cake, make sure it remains refrigerated until just before it is displayed.

Then cut and serve it quickly and return any unserved portions to the refrigerator before they reach room temperature.

Heavy cake toppers such as a porcelain bride-and-groom figure may need to be anchored down into the cake to keep from toppling over. Discuss this with your baker.

Work some aspect of your wedding decor into your wedding cake designs.

Maybe you would want to take a particular element of the decor and the make wedding cake design around that theme. How about matching the cake decorations with the bridesmaids’ dresses or your wedding dress?

For example, bakers can create the lacy look of your dress by using pearl beads and frosting. They have the skill to replicate almost any other element of the decor with frosting.

On this image you may see magnified lacy pattern from above cake top as an fine example. Wedding Cake Picture You can also have them intertwine your initials with the groom’s in icing. Monogramming is very "hot" these days.

In Peru bridal cakes have a tiny green palm for a cake topper. After the wedding, the bride and groom plant the tree in their garden and watch it grow as their marriage does.

Add other edibles such as chocolates, fruits, or nuts to your cake or around it. Serve them to your guests with the cake. They will add a special decorative touch to the cake design and to the guests’ plates.

Flowers are very popular cake decoration and great wedding cake idea. They are considered romantic, and people are still into romance. They are also less expensive alternative than confectionery flowers. Favorite flowers for decorating wedding cake are: roses, carnations, and pansies.

Please make sure that flowers are completely pesticide-free and there are none that contain any amount of any kind of poison. Flowers can be made into cascade designs or other styles. For a simply stunning elegant wedding cakes designs, have one single, perfect, bloom on your cake, such as an orchid.

By the time you cut your cake, these flowers may not look as beautiful as when they were first arranged on the cake, so choose your flowers for the cake carefully.

Talking about being different: how about using organic edible flowers which would match bouquets :such as roses, oregano, lavender, orchid or chicory! You can also use non-edible flowers for small bouquets to top the cake. Then sprinkle petals, cascading down the cake tiers. It's simple and elegant … is a wonderful wedding cake idea.

Some flowers (like rose) may wilt very quickly when they are not placed in water. Consult both your pastry chef and your florist for the best choice of flowers.

The traditional wedding cakes are still iced in white, but colored icing is a nice option. Think about fall colors for fall wedding, Christmas colors for Christmas weding etc...

To match color schemes you will need to take samples and pictures of flowers and fabrics to your pastry chef.

wedding cake pictures

The pastry chef may even paint designs on the cake for a truly exquisite look. A cake can also be decorated to match the bride’s china pattern.

If your wedding will be having a specific color scheme, decorate your cake to match. If your color scheme will be blue, you could decorate your cake with small, romantic, blue rosebuds or pearls, either natural or made of icing!

Having pictures on your cake is very unique and nice idea. You may choose any of those romantic moments you had with your fiancé. That would be nice surprise and fun thing to do too!

Another nice idea is to place chocolate covered strawberries or flowers around the base of your cake, or may be yellow leaves or edible cones if it is fall wedding.

Coordinate between your baker and your florist or caterer to make clear which one is responsible to provide each decoration item and which is responsible to do the decorating.

Wedding Cakes Icing

Need help with icing definitions? Don't know your buttercream from your pastry cream?

Let me help you:

Buttercream is a light, creamy, butter-based frosting, of confectioners' sugar, egg yolks, and milk or light cream. The uncooked frosting is beaten until light and creamy.

It has a silky texture and a not-too-sweet taste. (Keep in mind that since it is made with pasteurized eggs buttercream has to be kept it cool and served quickly in order that the egg yolks not spoil and make anyone sick?

These would be the same precautions that one would take with any food containing mayonnaise for the same reason).

Buttercream can be flavored in many ways and is used both as a filling and frosting for a variety of wedding cake designs as well as pastries, giving them an old-fashioned look. It can be infused with flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, lemon, espresso, hazelnut or coconut.

Marzipan is a paste made with ground almonds and sugar. With its moist, chewy texture, it can be placed beneath other icings or used as the final icing itself.

It can be molded into almost any shape you want the shape is then sculpted and painted. The result is an edible decorative item - a flavorful alternative to sugar or gum paste.

Royal Icing is soft when shaped, but then dries to a hard finish. It is edible and mainly used as cake decorations. Often these shapes are quite small, which makes them the perfect choice for decorating cup cakes or wedding cakes.

It is traditionally used to create leaves, flowers, and other edible decorations for beautiful wedding cake designs, but not to cover the entire cake

Rolled Fondant gets its name from being rolled out and from the French fondre, which means "to melt," because fondant melts in your mouth! After it is rolled smooth, it is draped over each layer or the whole cake and smoothed to the proper shape before its edges are trimmed

Rolled fondant is usually used to cover a wedding cake, resulting in an incredibly smooth, satiny surface that gives your cake a flawless, porcelain-like finish, which is a fine canvas for intricate decorations.

Rolled cake fondant is very versatile and is easy to shape into beautiful borders, flowers and decorations or it can be used to cover petit fours. Wedding cakes covered with rolled cake fondant can be decorated with buttercream or royal icing.

Since fondant-iced wedding cake designs are labor intensive, they are usually more expensive.

Bittersweet Chocolate Ganache is rich dark-chocolate glaze made of bittersweet chocolate, whipping cream, brandy and vanilla.

Vanilla Pastry Cream is perfect for layering between each tier.

Modeling Chocolate is made of chocolate and light corn syrup. It can be molded into ribbons, bows, flowers, etc.

Run-in Sugar is Royal Icing thinned to a fluid. It is used to fill in shapes outlined with regular royal icing.

Now, lets have some more general talk about wedding cakes icing:

Not that long ago, a bridal cake might have been decorated for days or even weeks in advance, with a hard icing made of egg whites and sugar.

To make it worse, the icing couldn't be refrigerated, so the simple cake, made without butter or eggs, was destined to taste stale at the wedding.

Nowadays, many decorations, such as marzipan fruits, are made ahead and attached later. Most icings can be refrigerated, and cakes are served within a couple of days of being made.

You can choose a traditional white, buttercream, cream cheese, white-chocolate icing, or rolled fondant. As the name implies, rolled fondant is icing that is rolled over the layers of the cake for a completely smooth and very elegant look.

Another of wedding cake designs that looks great for summertime, fall or outdoor wedding, is the basket weave. This kind of wedding cake designs are usually more expensive because the baker has to actually hand weave the fondant.

Fondant icing is more expensive than buttercream icing—and while it may look very smooth and pretty, buttercream icing tastes much better than rolled fondant.

wedding cake picture

Wedding Cake at the Reception:

Plan in advance where the cake will be displayed during the reception. Make sure it's in a cool secure spot.Also, plan how the cake table will be decorated so that you have time to order special linens or flowers.

Make sure the wedding cake stand, knife and toasting glasses complement your overall setting as well as your wedding cake design.

The glasses used by the bride and groom to toast each other after they cut the cake are usually decorated with ribbons or flowers and placed near the cake.

Trust me I did a lot of research on the Internet to find place that offers everything you need for the beautiful wedding cake designs and display at the reception: from wedding cake toppers, stand, knife, flutes, favors, flower petals, bubbles, gossamer ...

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To help you have wedding cake designs of your dreams I have carefully chosen two other shops that also carry beautiful wedding cake accessories like: stands, flutes, toppers, serving sets, cupcake trees (towers) etc. The only thing is they don’t have it all at one place, so you might "run" between three of them :-)

Weather Tips for Your Wedding Cake

Please be very careful, since wedding cake designs might easily get ruined outdoors.

If your wedding reception is to be outdoors, direct sunshine can wreak havoc with the delicate wedding-cake frosting.Even when the reception is in a covered shelter such as a park pavilion, the summer heat can melt the frosting and you wedding cakes designs may get ruined.

Also if the reception is outdoors in a humid setting such as the beach or lake, the humidity may cause the frosting to weep with small droplets of moisture that collect in puddles on top and roll down the sides and puddle at the base of the cake. This may happen even if the day is not hot.

Discuss the weather conditions and location of the reception with your baker or pastry chef if the reception will be outdoors.

Even if the reception is indoors in an air-conditioned setting the cake will have to be stored somewhere else before the reception, make sure the storage area will not be warm. This can be a problem even during cold weather.

Never choose a whipped-cream frosting for an outdoor reception.

How about making your own cake? Do you need some fresh wedding cake desings and ideas: a recipe, hard to find supply or accessories?

Make Wedding Cake!

Let me tell you what are the most popular design of the season:

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