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When it comes to a wedding reception, the wedding cake is the most important element that demands the outmost attention. The bride especially would be particular about the wedding cake. The design of the cake can be made quite early, thereby reducing a lot of anxiety as the wedding day approaches, when a lot of other things would have to be done. If done early on, you can also spend a lot of time searching for fancy and interesting wedding cake designs.

Of course, a traditional design would not be very difficult to choose. But there is a lot of fun in choosing an innovative design. The wedding guests would also love to see a non-traditional wedding cake.

There are Wedding Cake Pictures available from numerous sources from which you can get a lot of ideas. You can also come up with your own designs once you look at a few pictures of wedding cakes.

You can go through a few bridal magazines and mark the Wedding Cake Pictures you like the most. You can also file them for ready reference. Once you have a list of pictures of different wedding cakes, you can mix and match the designs and come up with your own unique design. For instance, you might like the shape of the first cake, the color scheme of the second and the decoration on the third. You can then come up with your own design by mixing the elements of all the three cakes.

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If you are a cake decorator, you will find wedding cake pictures and other celebration cake photos that will inspire your next creation and set you apart from the other bakers. Don't forget: you can also promise a mouthwatering wedding cake!

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* Being unique doesn't necessarily cost more. It just means that you have developed your personal style and why hide it - it also means that people notice you, and better yet, remember you. :-)

* Some designs from our Gallery have graced the celebrations of: Whitney Houston, Oprah Winfrey, Ted Turner, Donald Trump, Mariah Carey, Mariska Hargitay ... to mention just a few celebrities.

* Many cakes were featured in national magazines including: Vogue, Modern Bride, Town and Country, InStyle and others. They appeared on TV shows such as: "Martha Stewart Living", "Oprah Winfrey", and "The Today Show".

Would you like to get easy step-by-step instructions how to make some of those stunning, celebrity cakes?

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wedding cake pictures wedding cake pictures

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You have enough of running from bookstore to bookstore searching through books and magazines only to find very few wedding cake pictures?

Wedding cake pics and tips from our Gallery, will save you a lot of time and money.

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Why would you spend a hundred or more dollars on books and magazines looking for wedding cake pictures?

wedding cake pictures wedding cake pictures

Now, open your wedding cake photo gallery, take a cup of coffee, relax, and choose wedding cake pictures, add your own imagination to it and the result will be wedding cake that is both unique and chic.

I hope you will enjoy looking at photographs as much as I did building this very special Gallery. Feel free to browse our site and look for your dream cake.

How to Get Unique - Never Seen Before Cake:

What’s more is that you can let your imagination run wild by choosing any combination of cake from any group to make your own unique cake!

You could take couple wonderful wedding cake pictures and transform cakes into an exquisite birthday cake. The choice is all yours.

The pastry chef is more than willing to modify your preferences in the following ways: You can change the color of the icing, add, take off or modify all the decorations, including icing.

If you so wish you may alter the shape of the wedding cake or take away/add layers. How about moving special features from one cake to another? No problem.

So you see you are going to use your personal touch to create your unique wedding cake that will be admired and remembered for years to come.

Your guests will be amazed and your children and grandchildren will always be asking you to see your cake pictures.

wedding cake pictures

More photographs are taken of the wedding cake than anything else. You are going to be proud you made the right choice for years to come...

Your children are going to have the birthday of their lives with their unique cake!

Be proud to give unbelievable, unforgettable birthday cakes year in, year out. How about adding some details from your own wedding cake to a baby shower cake? Now you can!

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Be chic. Be different. Get a cake that is YOU.

For easy step-by-step instructions how to make some of those stunning, celebrity cakes see See these videos! It's right here!

If you have a flair for design, you can also add your own elements to the design and make it even more special. A little tweaking of the original design would sometimes yield tremendous results. You can also get a sheet of paper and start putting together the best features of all the cakes you like and come up with a totally new design. You do not have to be an artist to do this. After all, people are not going to look at your drawing. You just need to show your art to the cake maker and get the cake done according to your design.

If you have a good budget, you can of course hire a professional cake designer. But most people would have to settle for less expensive options. Sometimes, getting pictures of wedding cakes from books and magazines can also be an expensive affair, since some of these publications can be quite costly. A far easier approach is to visit a good site like this which has a lot of Wedding Cake Pictures. You can download these pictures and use them for creating new designs. You can also print the pictures you have downloaded, if you need to.

Matching the cake with the theme of the wedding is something that needs to be given careful consideration. When the design of the cake blends well with the wedding theme and compliments it, then the entire wedding reception would take on a very grand look. You can look for pictures of wedding cakes that closely resemble the look and feel of the wedding theme you have selected. Or if you have not yet selected a wedding theme, then your wedding cake can help you decide the theme too.

For a wholesome look, you can make the cake match the colors of the wedding dress of the bride, if possible. This should be easy in most cases, as the bridal dress would many times reflect the wedding theme. It is not essential to have the entire cake edible. You can add non-edible items to the cake for design purposes. These would add a lot of aesthetic value, as well as raise the height and size of the cake, and add structural support. You can find a number of Wedding Cake Pictures on this site which have exotic decorative elements that you can use in your own design ideas.

When you have two or three layered cakes, you can separate the layers with decorative columns to give height. You can also use crystal glasses to separate the different tiers of the cake. The unique design of the crystal can add a lot of beauty to the cake. You would also find Wedding Cake Pictures with silk or satin ribbons as decorative elements. The ribbons can be used to make very beautiful bows to adorn the sides and the top of the cake. You can also decorate the cake with real or artificial flowers and ferns. This would provide an organic touch to the cake.

The icing is another element that can be used to decorate the cake in many different ways. You will find various pictures of wedding cakes on this site with exotic icing designs. Some people prefer to have a desert style wedding cake which would be served as the desert. This would also help cut costs, as a separate desert need not be served.

Taking good pictures of the wedding cake is actually an art. To really capture the true look and feel of the cake, the picture needs to be taken by a real professional photographer. Apart from the camera used, the lighting also has to be perfect. Without good lighting, the picture of the wedding cake would look dull and lack detail. All the pictures of wedding cakes that you see on this site will look really professional. You can clearly see the details of the decoration and the different colors of the icing and other decorative elements on the cake.

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